Zygopetalum Artur Elle

This is one of many hybrids of a genus of evergreen, epiphytic Orchid which are relatively easy to grow. The parent species, from Brazil, are Autumn and Winter flowering and have a strong fragrance. Z. Artur Elle has attractive, off-white labellum, rippled with crimson: the radiating sepals and petals are green with plum-coloured dapples, and the blooms are set against deep green, ridged and strap-shaped leaves.

Grow this Orchid at an overnight optimum of 13-16°C (55-60°F), which will ensure that flowers last as long as possible: in Summer, daytime temperatures of 21°C (70°F) are tolerated if adequate, draught-free ventilation is given. An airy, well-ventilated environment is preferred.

Provide good, bright light in Winter and Spring, and shade from direct sunshine at other times. Like many Orchids, this one will benefit from at least 14 hours of light; artificial light is recommended.

Keep the growing medium moist at all times during the growing period: at other times, allow it to dry out between waterings.

Zygopetalum Artur Elle needs humid growing conditions: the foliage needs misting regularly when the plant is in active growth. Use a fine atomizer and do not wet the delicate flowers.

Feed at every third watering, using proprietary houseplant or Orchid food at half strength: do not feed newly-potted plants for a month. Every 3-4 years, or sooner if the compost deteriorates and is no longer draining effectively, or if the pseudobulbs are growing over the pot’s edge, repot once flowering has finished; use well-moistened Orchid compost and divide the rhizomes as necessary, placing 3-4 in each pot. This Orchid has fragile roots and should be, handled carefully when repotting. Always adopt hygienic practices to prevent viruses spreading from one plant to another. Virus infections appear as yellow, black or brown mottles and streaks.


Black Rot may develop from too much moisture around the top growth, causing new growth to blacken; dry the foliage and remove any diseased tissue. Treat with a suitable fungicide. Over-watering is a major killer: keep saucers clear of excess water.

Scale may appear beneath the leaves: clear them with methylated spirit and a cotton bud, or use a malathion-based insecticide as a last resort.

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