Zucchini : Cucurbita pepo

Zucchini, a cucumber-like member of the Cucurbitaceae family, is a popular vegetable that is much easier to grow than cucumbers and gherkins.

It can be grown in almost any kind of climate. All it needs is a sheltered position in full sun, well-drained, fertile soil and plenty of water and food. If these conditions are fulfilled you will be rewarded with a good crop of vegetables that can be harvested from early summer until autumn as well as extremely decorative, yellow star-shaped flowers.

Sow them indoors from April onward and plant the seedlings out at the end of May. When choosing a container, remember that zucchini need a lot of space – about a square metre (10 sq ft) – because the leaves grow very large. In the past, many a gardener’s ambition was to grow the largest zucchini possible as an individual marrow.

Today, people prefer to eat zucchini when smaller, which are therefore produced in larger numbers on the plant and have much more flavour.

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