Wormwood: Artemisia

The Artemisia genus, a member of the Compositae family, includes 300 species of evergreen and deciduous herbaceous perennials, native to the northern hemisphere. Wormwood is cultivated mainly for its aromatic, silvery grey leaves, which also have a deterrent effect on insects. The clusters of tiny flowers are quite inconspicuous. In fact, one species, A. dracunculusor tarragon, is a popular culinary herb. A. absinthium is ideal for flowerbeds and rockeries while A. schmidtiana, which only reaches 25 cm (10 in) in height, is excellent for growing in containers. It grows best in a sunny position in light, fertile soil. A. lactifora prefers a slightly moister soil. Alpine species such as A. glacialis look beautiful in gaps in the wall. Most species will slowly die if waterlogged. It can be divided after flowering and should be pruned vigorously in spring.

14. August 2017 by admin
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