Window Boxes and Hanging Flower Baskets

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Garden Plants for Window Planters

Many of the shorter-growing subjects used for summer bedding are also grown in window boxes. Geraniums are amongst the most popular, these being planted from pots in May. They are subjects which do well in town conditions.

The dwarf varieties of African Marigolds give a pleasing effect, the golden yellow contrasting well with blue lobelia which, trailing over the front of the box, makes a bold splash of colour.

For a spring display, polyanthus in mixed colours are very effective and some of the newer strains now available provide a wealth of colour.

container-gardening-ideas Wallflowers are another possibility for spring flowering. Petunias and dwarf bedding dahlias should be borne in mind for a late summer display. Choose from a further selection of spring bedding plants, which will provide a choice but, for the most part, the dwarfer subjects are the more suitable. Often we can choose colours that contrast with the paintwork or the brickwork of the house and thus obtain an even brighter eye-catching display. Brilliant red Salvias, for example, show up well against a grey or fawn-coloured stone.


Plants for Hanging Flower Baskets

The trailing types, most popular for hanging flower baskets, include ivy-leaved geraniums, weeping (pendulous) varieties of fuchsias, begonia pendula, trailing lobelia, petunias and nasturtiums. Fuchsias are especially valuable and there are several varieties of weeping habit very suited for hanging basket work. These include Marinka, which has crimson-scarlet sepals with a red corolla and is very free flowering and Cascade which has long white sepals – with a red flush and a deep carmine-red corolla and is also very free flowering.

The wire hanging flower baskets used for this purpose can be 8ins., 9ins., 10ins. or even larger in diameter, but the 1oin. size makes for a very good display. Stand the empty basket on an empty flower pot and line the sides and bottom with moss, or similar material to keep the soil or compost in place. Half fill with soil; a mixture of half loam or garden soil and half well-rotted compost will give very good results.

If plants are wanted in the sides of the hanging flower basket, which is a good plan, set these in position and, after making suitable holes in the moss, allow the foliage and shoots to hang free. Plant the top of the hanging flower basket with the selected subjects, leaving some space for watering, by having a shallow depression in the centre.


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