Where to Put Your Compost Heap

Where to Put Your Compost Heap

While you probably won’t want your compost heap to be the focus of your view from the house, gone are the days when it had to be hidden away. Other considerations are much more important. If most of your waste comes from the house and kitchen, you should put a cool compost pile somewhere easily accessible from the house. If you’re constructing a hot heap this is less important as you’ll need to gather bucketsful of material at one time rather than making regular trips. If the bulk of your waste comes from your garden, make sure your pile is somewhere with easy wheelbarrow access. If you’re bringing in manure and other material from elsewhere, it’s helpful if you can get a car somewhere near.


where to put your compost heap Sunshine or shade?

Don’t site your heap where it is in a permanent draught or in deep shade or it will be hard to maintain its moisture and temperature. For the same reasons you don’t want it in direct sun either. Ideally it should be protected on the north, east and west sides by some kind of wall or barrier, and open to the sun on the south.


Ground level or raised?

It is best to make a compost heap on the ground, so that earthworms and other organisms can get to work as soon as possible — this is another reason not to site your heap in deep shade where hungry tree roots will steal the plant foods and moisture. Evergreen hedges are also very greedy, so keep your heap away from them.

To increase aeration from below it is sensible to build your heap on brushwood. Some people go for wooden pallets or wire mesh but if you create plenty of air channels through your heap you don’t need to raise it off the ground, and composting can start quicker. Never build a compost heap on concrete or over plastic as this hampers aeration as well as keeping soil organisms away.


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