Wallrock Cress Cultivar/Arabs caucasica

The colour range of the cultivars of the Wall Rock Cress – from white and pink, through to red – makes this short-lived perennial a viable choice for a less-usual Spring bedding plant; the flowers of the species are a soft white. Flowering from Spring through to Summer, Arabis caucasica can also be used in the rock garden, or with Alyssum and Aubretia for a riot of early colour; the spreading, rather fleshy, rosettes of foliage make a useful weed suppressant later in the season. In warm climates, this Southern European plant remains evergreen through the Winter. As another alternative, allow this pretty plant to self-seed among gaps in paving, or to clothe a dry stone wall. As a small-scale plant, use near the house or beside a seating area.

The Wall Rock Cress is fully hardy in the UK: avoid planting it where excessive heat may build up in Summer.

Grow this plant where it will receive full sun; if used as a perennial, ensure that it is grown out of the intense heat of the midday sun in Summer.

Water container-grown plants well, then allow the compost surface to begin to dry before giving the next thorough watering.

The fleshy leaves of the Wall Rock Cress help the plant to tolerate dry air; it has no need of any additional humidity.

Like most rock garden plants, Arabis caucasica prefers poor growing conditions; feed is unnecessary.

Grow the Wall Rock Cress in a loam-based compost, to which has been added up to a third by volume of horticultural grit or sand. Select a compost which has a low amount of added nutrient. Divide plants in the Autumn, replanting immediately. After flowering, trim the flower stems back to keep the plant tidy, and to encourage new leaf growth; a mass display is easily tackled with hand shears. If possible, avoid cutting into the leaves and crown of the plant.


Water-logged compost will kill this plant: always ensure that any drainage holes are well-crocked, and use a very free-draining compost.

Very dry conditions, caused by the drying effect of the sun in Summer, lead to an equal amount of distress: careful positioning of tubs should avoid this problem.

Slugs can devastate a small plant like the Wall Rock Cress overnight: select a suitable control method.

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