Wall rock cress: Arabis caucasica

Arabis caucasica is one of about 120 mostly evergreen herbaceous perennials belonging to the family of the Cruciferae. It is native to the rocky regions of Europe, Asia and north Africa. As a result they are all very undemanding and easy plants to grow. They are ideal for growing in rockeries, as edging of terraces or in gaps in walls where they spread quickly by means of small rhizomes, forming dense clusters of leaves. Rock cress also does very well in containers. This mat-forming evergreen plant develops loose rosettes of grey-green, serrated leaves. In late spring, it bears dense spikes of fragrant, white flowers. It grows best in a sunny position in well-drained soil and tolerates hot, dry conditions extremely well. Because it is a very vigorous growers it needs plenty of space when combined with other plants. It can be cut back vigorously in winter. It is propagated by division in spring.

12. April 2017 by admin
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