Wall-pepper: Sedum Acre

The Sedum genus includes about 400 species of usually succulent, evergreen or deciduous annuals and biennials, herbaceous perennials, sub-shrubs and shrubs. Most species are native to the mountainous regions of the northern hemisphere.

Wall-pepper is a typical representative of the mat-forming, evergreen, frost-hardy species. The fleshy leaves form a mat 10 cm (4 in) high, covered in summer with yellow, star-shaped flowers. Wall-pepper is an ideal rockery plant and it grows best in sandy, well-drained soil in a sunny, dry position. It tolerates periods of drought better than excessive moisture.

It self-seeds very easily but can also be propagated by division in spring.

If consumed, wall-pepper can cause slight nausea.

06. June 2017 by admin
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