Varieties of Vines to Grow at Home

Suitable for an unheated green-house

Buckland Sweetwater: well-shouldered bunches with large, slightly oval green berries ripening to a greenish gold; juicy and very sweet; good fruit set, ripens early in late summer.

Foster’s Seedling: well-shaped bunches; very sweet and tender green gold berries; good fruit set; easy to grow, matures late summer-early autumn. Chasselas d’Or (Royal Muscadine, Golden Chasselas): large long bunches of round green/gold berries; excellent flavour.

Black Hamburgh: the most commonly grown indoor grape; large oval black berries which are sweet and juicy; good fruit set; easy to grow; late summer.

Muscat Hamburgh: excellent-flavoured black grape, but unfortunately prone to shanking; conical bunches with medium-sized oval berries; does not set fruit well; late ripener in unheated greenhouses in mid-autumn.

Suitable for a heated greenhouse

Any of the above plus;

Muscat of Alexandria: long, loose bunches with oval, sweet, golden berries; does not set fruit well; late.

Madresfield Court: juicy, good-flavoured Muscat grape; very large bunches of large oval black grapes; good fruit set; can be grown in an unheated greenhouse in a sheltered area; matures late summer and early autumn.

Gros Colmar (Gros Column): medium size bunches of large black grapes; rather thick skinned but good-flavoured and easy to grow; matures mid- to late autumn.

Mrs Pearson: white/gold Muscat grape; well-shouldered bunches of large berries; matures mid- to late autumn.

Alicante: thick-shouldered bunches of large, black oval berries: berries have very short stalks so early thinning is essential; good fruit set; will grow in an unheated house in warm, sheltered areas, when grapes will hang well into the winter; matures mid-autumn.

Mrs. Pince: black muscat grape; large, sweet, oval berries; good fruit set; can be grown without heat in a warm, sheltered area to mature in mid-autumn but ripens much earlier when it is grown in a heated greenhouse.

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