Varieties of Parsnip

The varieties given have been divided into short, medium and long-rooted. Short and medium varieties normally have rounded ends, long-rooted ones taper to a fine pointed tip. If you are exhibiting parsnips or have a good, deep and stone-free soil, choose a long-rooted variety. Otherwise, choose a short or medium variety which is easier to grow on more difficult or shallow soils.


Avotiresister: the shortest variety of all, producing small, conical roots; because it is so small, thin to only 7.5 cm (3”) between plants in the rows; more resistant to canker than most other varieties.


White Gem: white smooth skin; some resistance to canker.

Offenham: a broad-shouldered variety particularly suitable for clay or shallow soils; good, sweet flavour; heavy crop.

Exhibition Long-rooted: clean, smooth per. Root of fine flavour, a good choice for the student: thick tapering roots with showing.

Excellent flavour; heavy cropper.

Tender and True: clear smooth skin; resistant to canker.


Lisbonnais: very good flavour; a large, Improved Hollow Crown: long sym- well-shaped root; especially good for metrical root; solid white flesh. Exhibiting.

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