Varieties of Green Beans


The Prince: early crops of long, tender dark green pods, which are nearly stringless and well-flavoured; heavy cropping and very popular variety. Masterpiece: pods long, straight and tender, best when cooked young; early variety, but with continuous pickings, cropping will extend over six or seven weeks.

Chevrier Vert: heavy cropper with medium length, dark green pods, which can be sliced, used for flageolets, or dried for haricot beans; virus and anthracnose-resistent.

Pencil Pod Black Wax (Golden Butter): pods 15 cm (6”) long, tender and golden yellow; good stringless waxpod variety.

Kinghorn Waxpod: excellent flavoured wax bean with 15 cm (6”) long, fleshy pods, pale yellow; can be cooked whole, without slicing.

Sprite: Continental variety with completely stringless, dark, cylindrical pods.

Flair: very early, with heavy crops of straight, 13 cm (5”) long stringless, fleshy pods; good for both early cropping and autumn cropping from late sowings.

Glands: extra-hardy stringless beans, suitable for growing in cold or exposed positions; pods straight and fleshy.

Tendergreen: pods fleshy, stringless and delicately flavoured; early cropper, but productive over a long season; some pods may have purple markings, but these do not impair flavour.

Royalty (Purple-Podded): heavy cropper with stringless, full-flavoured purple-pods which turn green when cooked; particularly good for cold or exposed areas.

Phoenix Claudia: stringless variety particularly good for growing on sandy soils; dark green, well-flavoured pods.

Cyrus: new variety with round, very slender pods; heavy cropper; can be cooked whole.

Gold Crop: American variety, with straight, yellow stringless pods about 15 cm (6”) long; plants vigorous and disease-resistant.

Loch Ness: new variety with stringless, flavourful pods; plants of vigorous, upright habit.

Remus: new variety with pods carried above foliage; pods 25 cm (10”) long, straight, dark green and fibreless.

Earliest of All: heavy cropper, with medium-sized pods; crops can be used fresh or dried as haricot beans for winter use; grows to about 1.5 m (5’).

Largo: long, straight, stringless pods; can be eaten fresh or dried and stored as haricot beans.

Violet Podded Stringiest: heavy cropper with purple flowers and deep blue-violet pods which turn green when cooked; flavour good; pods tender and fleshy.

Blue Lake White-seeded: short, fleshy pods in clusters; particularly well-flavoured; heavy cropper; seeds can be dried for use as haricots.


Granda: primarily used for drying, but can be eaten green if required. Comtesse de Chambord: another dual purpose variety, good for slicing or drying; plant very strong growing, so good for suppressing weeds in a new garden; very slow to mature, so avoid late sowing.

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