Varieties of Figs to Grow Yourself

Suitable for outdoors:

Brown Turkey: probably the most popular outdoor fig: easy to grow because it is not very vigorous; hardy and reliable; brown/purple fruit with dark red flesh; rich sweet flavour; mid-season ie. ripens end of late summer. Brunswick: another good outdoor fig; large pale green fruit flushed with brown and with red flesh at the centre; sweet flavour; mid-season. White Marseilles: not as hardy as Brown Turkey or Brunswick and should be grown in milder districts only or in greenhouses; large pale green fruit with white flesh; rich sw-1/2eet flavour; early in late summer.

Suitable for greenhouse:

growing figs varieties of figs Any of the above plus:

Negro Largo: heavy cropper; fruit large with black tender skin and juicy red flesh; sweet flavour; mid-season; needs heated greenhouse for it to reach full potential.

Bourjassotte Grise / Grizzly Bourjassorte): medium to large fruit; dark reddish blue skin with fine bloom; excellent sweet rich flavour; it is a late variety.

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