Varieties of Chrysanthemum Plants

Varieties of Chrysanthemum Plants

There are many scores of different sorts, if not hundreds, of chrysanthemum plants and to suggest but a few is very much a matter of personal choice.

However, I have found from experience that the following can be relied on to give good results, and a colourful display, and if necessary are good for cutting also: 

Appeal – A free flowering red variety for August, and one that can confidently be included in the earlier flowering sorts. 

chrysanthemum-plants Brenda Talbot – The blooms have reflexed petals, that is they turn downwards, and are well shaped. The colour can best be described as carnation pink. It is September flowering and an attractive variety. 

Chatsworth – A very good orange bronze for August flowering, dwarf in habit, and good for spray or disbudded blooms of medium size. 

Covent Garden – A deep amber bloom, which makes an attractive display for September. It has very strong stems and is a variety the blooms of which stand up well to bad weather conditions. 

Ermine – An outstanding white variety, with incurving petals making a firm compact bloom. It is amongst the best of all in this colour. It is September flowering. 

Florence Horwood – A bright rose pink, with paler reverse. A good August variety, one of the best of this colour. 

Harold Park – A deep buttercup yellow, of medium vigour, for flowering in September and a “must” for a collection. 

Peach Blossom – A September flowering variety with silvery peach coloured blooms which make a bold display. One of the easiest of varieties to grow and one of the best for a border. 

Red Flare – This is an August flowering variety, the colour being a rich chestnut red. Not an over-vigorous variety but good for an early display. 

A further selection of chrysanthemum plants can be made from, Alfreton Beauty, orange bronze (late August); Betty Riley, pink (August); Brumas, white (September); Derek Ellis, purple (September); Imperator, red (September); Migoli, yellow (September); Shirley Cream (September), and White Wings (September). 

If you have neither greenhouse nor frame, plants will often overwinter out of doors in many districts but should be given protection with straw or bracken in cold areas. If plants do survive the winter, they should be divided in the spring, when new growth commences, and only the strongest rooted shoots kept. Replant on a fresh site and treat as for plants raised from cuttings, already described. Do not leave clumps un-thinned or flowers will be small and results not as satisfactory as they should be.


Korean Chrysanthemum Plants

These are useful for September and October flowering, and even into November, if the weather is not too severe. They are of dwarf habit and need no staking. If a small border can be set aside for them, a colourful display of late flowers is assured. 

Some good varieties are: Apollo, bronze, single; Diane, pink, single; Mercury, salmon, single; Romany, crimson, double; and King Midas, yellow, double. These are amongst the latest subjects to flower under garden conditions.

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