Varieties of cauliflower to grow at home

Summer and autumn

All the Year Round: suitable for under glass or outdoors; compact heads of fine table quality; most popular all round cauliflower; excellent for exhibition and freezing; stores well.

Abuntia: very early summer variety; medium-large crisp head of highest quality.

Autumn Giant Superlative Protecting: good, reliable variety; heads large, solid, white, well protected; harvested mid to late autumn; sow late spring, but not earlier.

Forerunner: large solid heads; ready in early summer; particularly well protected by outer leaves; suitable for early sowing under glass in autumn; very good flavour.

Alpha-Polaris: largest headed of early maturing varieties; solid white heads well protected by leaves.

Early Snowball: very early, short-leaved type; compact and suitable for small garden; can be sown in autumn to midwinter.

Snow Crown (F1 hybrid): easy to grow snowball type, weighing up to 1 kg (2.2 lb) each; can be served cooked, or raw in salads; suitable for freezing; can be sown in autumn to mid-winter.

Snow King (F1 hybrid): very fast growing; harvested 2-½ months after planting out; sown in mid-spring.

White Heart: best variety for harvesting in early or mid-autumn; do not sow before late spring; large, well protected heads.

Mechelse-Classic: excellent forcing variety; extremely early, dwarf type; first class heads ready for harvesting in early summer.

Snowball: produces superb, white solid heads in early summer; excellent for table, exhibition and freezing. Dominant: excellent for sowing under glass in mid- or late winter for setting out in mid-spring; ready for harvesting in mid-summer; excellent for kitchen and exhibition work.

Rocket: maincrop with pure, white heads, deep curds; keeps well in hot weather; fine flavour; heads well protected by foliage; sow in mid- to late spring for heading in mid- or late summer.

Snowcap: fast growing summer variety; takes about six months from sowing to cutting, sow in late winter.

Australian varieties

Manly: solid heads of pure white curds in mid-autumn; very reliable and uniform cropper.

Canberra: strong foliage, firm white heads; ready for harvesting mid- to late autumn, 4 months after sowing.

Bondi: excellent variety for early autumn cutting; dwarf growing, uniform heads.

Kangeroo: follows Bondi in cropping; excellent for table and exhibition work. Barrier Reef: excellent crops ready in mid- to late autumn; dwarf growing with deep white curds; very hardy.

Brisbane: newly introduced variety, for cutting late autumn; well protected curds ready at a useful time of the year.

South Pacific: very fast variety; can mature in four months from spring sowing to give summer heads.

Boomerang: slightly later than South Pacific, with excellent white curds; ready in early to mid-autumn.

Winter varieties

Superb Early White: earliest variety for mild areas, harvested in mid- to late winter; pure white, solid heads.

Snow White: sown in mid- to late spring for harvesting the following spring; excellent firm white heads; suitable for mild areas.

Late Enterprise: heads middle to end of spring; best sown in mild areas.

Snow’s Winter White: pure white heads ready mid- to late winter, when there is a scarcity of vegetables in the garden.

April: sown during mid-spring; harvested following spring; hard, white, solid heads; keeps for long periods.

Early March: stock specially selected for pure white curds; well protected by inner leaves.

St George: reliable, very hardy; firm white curds ready in early to mid-spring; suitable for freezing.

Royal Oak: sown in late spring for harvesting following spring; firm, solid heads well protected by inner leaves.

Walcheren Winter: handsome tasty white heads from mid-spring through to early summer.

Newton Seale: new winter and early spring variety; very large crops, frost resistant.

Veitch’s Self Protecting: completely protected by leaves and very hardy; excellent for cutting in late autumn and early winter, from an early to mid-spring sowing.

Purple Cape: fine-flavoured heads which resemble a very large purple sprouting broccoli; ready by mid-winter.

Summer Snow: pure white curds; very solid heads; extends cutting period for a very long time.

Angers No 2—West March Early: matures in late winter or early spring; heads of excellent quality and depth; will withstand considerable frost.

Adam’s Early White: very hardy type; matures in early spring; fine flavour. Leamington: one of the hardiest types; excellent for growing in northern areas; ready in mid-spring; one of the oldest varieties still in cultivation.

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