Varieties of Broad Bean

The varieties listed here have been separated into Longpod and Windsor types. Nevertheless this classification is rather arbitrary. Modern varieties are often the result of crosses between the two groups and have some of the characteristics of both these groups. Dwarf varieties are separately listed, and all varieties are suitable for freezing.


Aquadulce and Aquadulce Claudia: white seeded; hardy early cropper; suitable for autumn sowing; pods 38-45 cm (15-18”) long.

Bunyard’s Exhibition Longpod: white-seeded; hardy early cropper; suitable for autumn or spring sowing; well-filled pods about 30-40 cm (12-16”) long; excellent for exhibition.

Imperial White Longpod: white-seeded; spring sowing; long broad pods with up to 9 beans; excellent for exhibition.

Express: green-seeded; spring sowing; very heavy and early cropper; up to 34 pods per plant; excellent flavour, and useful for exhibition work.

Masterpiece Green Longpod: green-seeded; late winter to spring sowing; long pods; excellent for exhibition, very good flavour.

Imperial Green Longpod: green-seeded; spring sowing; heavy cropper; long pods up to 35 cm (14”) long; excellent for exhibition.

Red Epicure: brown-red seeds which become straw-coloured when cooked; spring sowing.


Imperial White Windsor: white-seeded; spring sowing; heavy cropper; up to eight beans per pod.

Giant Four-seeded Green Windsor: green-seeded; spring sowing; heavy cropper; short pods, with four or five beans per pod.

Imperial Green Windsor: green-seeded; spring sowing and later; up to seven beans per pod.

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