Varieties of Blackberry


Bedford Giant: large black fruit; excellent flavour; heavy cropper but not suitable for growing in cold or exposed areas; fairly vigorous growth; berries have very few seeds and are suitable for jam-making or eating fresh; picking lasts for about a month.

Merton Early: sweet, shiny berries with very few seeds; very compact grower, suitable for smaller gardens; heavy cropper.


Himalayan Giant: large fruit; flavour moderate and slightly acidic; very strong grower with exceedingly spikey canes; old canes will continue bearing fruit for several years.

Oregon Thomless (Thornless Evergreen) vigorous grower with thornless canes; leaves of the parsley type; berries have excellent flavour; needs good soil to do well, but will thrive in northern gardens. Merton Thornless: good cropper with medium size, fine-flavoured fruit; needs good soil to crop well; moderately vigorous growth.

Cut-leaved Blackberry (Parsley-leaved) form of English wild blackberry with dark red canes and deeply cut leaves; large berries of excellent flavour; vigorous only in good conditions; leaves have attractive autumn colouring.


John Innes: heavy cropper, with excellent flavoured large berries, few seeds; continues cropping over several weeks; growth vigorous but not suitable for cold sites; less prickly than most.

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