Varieties of Apricot to Grow Yourself

Moorpark: the oldest variety grown; very reliable cropper; large, round-oblong, brown-orange fruit with reddish flush and orange flesh; is good as a bush as well as fan-trained; prone to dieback; very good flavour; crops late in late summer.

Early Moorpark: large, round, pale orange heavily red-flushed fruit with orange flesh; ripens mid-summer.

Alfred: medium size, rounded, yellow-orange and pink-flushed fruit with deep orange flesh; vigorous; grow as bush or fan; tends to biennial bearing; less prone to dieback than most; ripens late in midsummer.

Farmingdale: similar to the other American variety Alfred but less vigorous; ripens about a week earlier.

Hemskerke: medium to large flattish fruit, pale yellow skin with red patches; yellow flesh; growth moderate but fruitful; hardier than Moorpark and will grow outside on sunny walls in the north; less prone to dieback than most; ripens mid-summer.

New Large Early: large, round oval, apricot coloured fruit, orange flesh; growth and cropping good; fruits when younger than other varieties; ripens earlier than most, towards the beginning of mid-summer.

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