Vanda Orchids – Orchid Facts

Vanda Orchids

Some of the 40 existing Vanda species are epiphytic in their countries of origin. The strap-shaped, leathery leaves are set on in regular double rows or sometimes arranged like roof tiles on a long stem. The flowers appear in upright inflorescences that grow sideways out of the leaf axils. Vandas rarely grow taller than 120 cm (48 in) in a greenhouse, conservatory or flower window. The most beautiful species is the strictly protected Vanda coerulea. Its flowers are an incomparable shade of blue that otherwise never occurs in orchids or any other flower. Multicoloured Vanda tricolor spreads a strong scent.

As well as the large-flowering Vanda hybrids, other species are also for sale in specialist orchid nurseries. Crosses with Ascocentrum are recommended for use on windowsills as they remain small.

Vanda Orchids - Vanda coerulea Origin:

tropical Asia.

Temperature range:

temperate to warm.

Flowering time:

varies, depending on species or variety.

Colour of flowers:

cream, pink, orange red, pale lilac, blue, violet.


as bright and sunny as possible all year round.


around 18-20°C/64-68°F in the daytime during the winter; above 25°C/77°F during the summer. Always a little cooler at night. V. coerulea, V. cristata and V. kimballiana should be kept a little cooler.


from late spring to early autumn, while the plant is growing, water plentifully and spray daily, including aerial roots. Water sparingly in winter and do not spray. Fertilizing: every fortnight during spring and summer, low doses.


only if the pot is too small. As a rule, every three years.


See Essential Orchid Information – Repotting Orchids


from division or from shoots. (See Propagating Orchids)

Pests, diseases:

falling buds if the winter position is too cool. Lack of light causes reluctance to flower.

My tip:

It flourishes with its aerial roots dangling over the edge of the pot.


Vanda species


V. coerulea, V. kimballiana, V. tricolor


V. cristata, V. sanderiana


Vanda hybrids


“Nelly Morley”, “Blaue Donau”


“Onomea”, “Rose Davies”

Winter-flowering: “Rothschildiana”


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