Tweedia : Greenhouse Plants

W – warm, minimum of 13°C (55°F)

Family: Asclepiadaceae

South America

Sometimes referred to as Oxypetalum or more correctly Amblyopetalum it is Tweedia caerulea which is mostly obtainable, usually as seed. Described as a climber it is more of a twining shrub which if not supported properly might unkindly be called straggly. I have never seen good specimens beyond 45 cm (18 in) high and I have had most success from growing three plants together in one pot. However, they are worth growing for their hairy heart-shaped leaves and flowers which begin a strange pale blue tinged with green but darken as they age. Fresh seed germinates like mustard and cress at 18-21°C (65-70°F).

03. August 2013 by admin
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