Tulipa Urumiensis

This pretty ground-hugging Tulip is a joy to see on sunny days in early Spring, when its large blooms open into rich yellow stars. Tulipa urumiensis is thought to come from the North-West region of Iran and is one of many species of Tulip which deserve to be grown more widely. It is a good choice for small tubs and containers, and it also makes an excellent edging plant around flower beds. The flower buds have a nodding habit; as the um-shaped blooms open, they become erect and open widest in sunshine. In bud, the mauvey-brown colour of the outer petals belies the rich gold of the blooms.

Tulipa urumiensis is fully frost-hardy and unsuited to indoor culture. Give cool conditions when in active growth, and warmer after the top growth has died away.

Grow this species of Tulip in a sunny situation; the best flower display will be given in sunshine.

Keep the compost just moist at all times. Ensure that there is adequate drainage in the base of the container, and use a free-draining compost to avoid any risk of water-logging.

No additional humidity is necessary, as Tulipa urumiensis flowers during the Winter months.

If these Tulips are grown in fresh compost for a single season, they will not need feeding; if they are left in situ from one year to the next, give a general-purpose feed once new growth begins to appear in Spring.

Grow these bulbs in a good-quality potting compost, to which has been added up to a quarter by volume of horticultural sand: do not use bulb fibre for plants outside. Plant new bulbs in late Autumn, spacing them about 5cm (2in) apart and 2 ½ times the bulb size deep.

These Tulips can be left in situ from one year to the next, so any other plants grown in the tub must be tolerant of warm, dryish growing conditions; many of the rock garden plants would be suitable.

If you wish to use new stock each year and plant the old bulbs in the garden, remove the flower stems when the blooms fade, allow the leaves to grow to maturity, and then die back. Dig up the bulbs once the leaves turn yellow and complete the drying-off process in a warm, dry place. Store the bulbs, cool and dry, until early Autumn, when they can be planted out in the garden.


No flowers: Failure to bloom may be caused by lack of moisture at the roots. Keep well watered.

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