Tub Culture for Growing Dahlias

The dahlia, which is excellent for town gardens, is also useful for town houses where no garden exists, for it can be easily and well grown in tubs. A small wine cask makes two ideal dahlia tubs if sawn in half. They should be provided with drainage by means of holes bored in the bottom. Over the drainage holes, a layer of broken crocks is placed, and then rough fibrous matter, ie.dead leaves, or florists’ fibre is laid over the crocks. Then a good layer of rotten manure is put in, and soil added to within 2-3 in. of the rim. One plant is set in each tub, watered well, and immediately staked.

Later, when the plants are about 1 ft. high, a top dressing of good soil can be added, to be washed in by the rains. Grown in this way, an effective display of flowers will be obtained from late July until the frost comes.

30. August 2013 by admin
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