The part of the garden immediately behind the house is of great im-portance. This is usually devoted to flowers, and is often used in summer as an outdoor room. It is therefore advisable, where possible, to set aside a portion of this ground for a lawn. The lawn is typically English, and should be a special feature in every garden. It must be remembered, however, that if a lawn is not kept neat and tidy it looks quite unsightly, and unless constant care and attention can be given to it the lawn should be restricted to a very small area.

When making a lawn, the order of the work is as follows:—First of all, the lie of the land is considered and, if necessary, drainage pipes are laid to ensure the disposal of any surplus water. If the ground is not level, the top soil is taken off, and the levelling done on the subsoil. Then the top soil is replaced evenly over the level surface. This is essential because, as already mentioned, the top soil is always the most fertile.

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