If a garden is large enough for a section to be devoted entirely to fruit, the position of the small orchard should be decided at the time the whole is laid out. It should be remembered that the taller trees in the orchard make an effective background, and in a small plot the proper place for them will be at the far end or along the sides.

Standard trees are of most use from an ornamental point of view, and have the advantage that bush fruits can be grown beneath them for many years after they are established.

The best position for a fruit section of the garden is on a slight slope towards the north or west, and preferably on the highest part of the plot if there is a choice. Frost is more dangerous in the valleys than on the hillsides, and the most damage is done by frost in the early morning when sunshine thaws the hoar frost on frozen flower buds too rapidly. That is why a position where the early morning sun does not reach the trees is generally the best. If the fruit section of the garden is large enough to be enclosed by a high wall, a far greater variety of fruit can be grown, as peaches, nectarines, and apricots can be trained on the wall that faces south, while fruits of other kinds can fill the remaining walls. The actual arrangement of the trees and bushes depends entirely on the kinds of fruit to be grown, and must be considered in connection with the advice given elsewhere concerning the various fruits suitable for the small garden.

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