Summer Blooming Bulbs – Calendar


Summer Blooming Bulbs Calendar

Bulbs planted in the autumn and spring can provide many of the gayest flowers of summer.

They include the stately tulips, favourites for four centuries and still being further developed and improved; the daffodils so easy to grow that they are often ‘naturalized’ in rough-mown grass and left to fend for themselves for years; the sturdy hyacinths richly scented and ideal for formal settings or planting in containers; crocuses and muscaris to make carpets of colour or to be used as edgings to beds; bluebells for woodlands, scillas and chionodoxas for rock gardens, animus to grow among the herbaceous plants and many more.

summer blooming bulbs Plant summer blooming bulbs in different places and in different ways. Tulips and hyacinths, for example, can be arranged regularly in straight rows or circles since this fits well with their role as bedding plants either on their own or with a groundwork of forget-me-nots, polyanthuses, primroses, double daisies or wallflowers. In contrast, daffodils, especially when naturalized, are planted to look as natural as possible, either in long, curving drifts, or in narrower, winding trails rather like golden streams, perhaps ending in a larger splash of colour.


Summer Blooming Bulbs When to Plant When in Flower
Anemone (‘de Caen’, ‘St Brigid’) September May to July
Eremerus (Foxtail Lily) September June to July
Gladiolus (small flowering) April to May June to July
Sparaxis March to April June to July
Sprekelia April June to July
Ranunculus February June to August
Lilium (Lily) March to May June to September
Ismene May July to August
Oxalis March July to August
Tigridia (Peacock tiger flower) March July to August
Agapanthus (African Lily) April July to September
Montbretia April July to September
Gladiolus (large flowering) April to May July to September
Acidanthera April to May July to October
Begonia April to May July to October
Canna Lilies April to May July to October
Ornithogalum March August to September
Colchium August August to September
Dahlia May August to October
Freesia April to May August to October
Cyclamen September August to October
Nerine (Guernsey Lily) September September
Amaryllis belladonna May to June September to October


Random planting of your summer blooming bulbs suits many of the smaller bulbs but when you grow bluebells, snowdrops, fritillarias, winter aconites and so on in woodland or wild gardens, try to get a complete cover of the ground just as bluebells do when they grow wild in the woods. In borders, it is effective to keep bulbs in fairly compact groups so that they make clumps of colour when in flower, and can be identified and cared for according to their needs.

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