Striped dead nettle: Lamium maculatum

The wild form of the perennial Lamium maculatum or spotted deadnettle has spread from Europe and western Asia to North America. This semi-evergreen, mat-forming perennial must cut back during the growing to restrict its vigorous spreading. The toothed, mid-green leaves usually have a white stripe running clown the centre and are quite eye-catching. The clusters of white, pale pink or dark red flowers are borne in mid-spring. This excellent ground cover plant is ideal for growing on terrace walls or in window boxes, containers and hanging baskets. ‘White Nancy’ has white-variegated, mid-green leaves and white flowers while ‘Argenteum’ has silvery leaves with green margins, and both are particularly suited for this purpose. ‘Chequers’ has pink-lilac flowers. They all grow best in very moist, humus-rich soil in a shady position.

14. August 2017 by admin
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