Spring Flowering Bulbs – Tulip Bulbs

Spring Flowering Bulbs – Tulipa/ Tulip Bulbs

The spring flowering bulbs, tulip bulbs, are a genus of over one hundred hardy bulbous plants that have been popular in Europe for at least 350 years. At one time ‘tulipamania’ hit Holland where most of the early breeding was done and single bulbs were sold for as much as £6,000 each: most of these varieties have now been lost or destroyed. The species are just as good as garden plants as the hybrids.

Modern hybrid tulips are divided into fifteen divisions:

Division 1: Early singles: height 6-15 ins, plant 4-6 ins apart. Flowers out of doors April, under glass February.

Division 2: Early double: height 12-15 ins: plant 6 ins apart. Flowering period as above.

spring flowering bulbs - tulip bulbs Division 3: Mendel tulips: height 15 ins: plant 6 ins apart. Flowers rounded, 4-5 ins across. Flowers April and early May.

Division 4: Triumph tulips: height 20 ins- plant 6-8 ins apart. Rather angular flowers 4-5 ins across, on stout stems.

Division 5: Darwin hybrids: height 2 – 2-1/2 ft plant 6-8 ins apart. Contains some of the largest and most brilliantly coloured tulip bulbs. Flowers April,May.

Division 6: Darwin tulips: height 2 – 2-1/4 ft: plant 6-S ins apart. Flowers rounded 4-5 ins across. Flowers May. The most popular tulip bulbs for bedding.

Division 7: Lily-flower: height 18-24 ins: plant 6 ins apart. Flowers long-waisted, petals pointed, 6-8 ins across. Flowers April.

Division 8: Cottage tulips: height 3 ft: plant 6-8 ins apart. Flowers rounded, 4-8 ins across. Tall stems. Flowers April, May. A very late group.

Division 9: Rembrandt tulips: Similar to division 6 but different colour ranges.

Division 10: Parrot tulips: height 18-24 ins: plant 6-8 ins apart. Flowers usually bi-coloured, petals often twisted, sometimes fringed, 8 ins or more across.

Division 11: Late double: height 18-24 ins: plant 6 ins apart. Flowers 4 ins across, peony shaped. Flowers April.

Division 12: Tulips in this group are derived from Tulipa Kaufmanniana. Flowers tall, pointed, usually bi-coloured.

Division 13: Tulips derived from Tulipa Fosteriana: flowers in this group are noted for their brilliant red.

Division 14: Tulips derived from Tulipa Greigii, foliage usually maroon or purple brown, sometimes spotted. Flowering early April, mainly reds and yellows.

Division 15: Species: Among the, best are Tulipa acuminata, the homed tulip; Tulipa Kaufmanniana, the water lily tulip and Tulipa sylvestris, a native of Europe including Britain which will naturalise itself in many gardens. Flowers yellow.

Cultivation: Tulips need good drainage and plenty of sun to grow well. Most of the hybrids need to be planted in autumn to flower in spring, and should not be lifted until leaves have died away. Increase by off sets.

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