Sowing Broad Beans

Broad beans have the biggest seeds of any of the common vegetables, so they can be planted individually just where they are destined to grow. The best method is to prepare shallow drills 6.5 cm (2-1/2”) deep and 15 cm (6”) wide. Then place the beans in a double row with one row down each side of the drill. Leave 25 cm (9”) between each bean in a row. Place the beans in one row opposite the gaps in the other row. If you are planting more than one double row, leave a space of 75 cm (2-1/2’) between each so they do not overshadow one another.

The germination rate of broad beans is low—less than 75”,—so sow a few extra plants at the end of the row and transplant them to fill in gaps. Alternatively, if space is limited in a small garden, you can sow two double rows just 10-15 cm (4-6”) apart. As germination is rarely 100”, overcrowd ing is unlikely to occur. The result of planting like this is a hedge of beans 30-45 cm (1- 1-1/2’) wide.

Broad bean seeds will germinate at any temperature above freezing and the bright green seed leaves should emerge above ground 1-2 weeks after sowing.

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