Solanum : Greenhouse Plants

FF – frost free only / C – cool, minimum of 7°C (45°F) / W – warm, minimum of 13°C (55°F)

Family: Solanaceae

The most popularly grown pot Solanum is the Christmas Cherry, Solanum capsicastrum from Brazil. With its bright red fruits borne throughout winter it makes a bright seasonal plant. Plants are usually raised annually in batches from seed sown in March at the surface of the compost at 21-26°C (70-80°F) and placed in a light place where they should germinate within three weeks. Stand plants outside in the summer as they will appreciate not being so warm in the greenhouse and will also be pollinated before they are brought back inside by autumn and grown on in warm conditions to fruit. It is possible to carry plants on for a further year by cutting them back hard after fruiting is over. S. jasminioides is a climber hardy in some areas but a good plant for the frost free house. It has bluish-white flowers but there is S.j. ‘Album’ with white flowers, S.j. ‘Floribundum’, also with blue flowers, is the best to go for as it flowers more profusely. There is also a variegated leafed form. S.j. wendlandii from Costa Rica is a cool house climber with large (for a Solanum) clear blue flowers, but is hard to find.

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