Shrubby Veronica: Hebe

These shrubby, evergreen plants are members of the Scrophulariaceae family and native to New Zealand and Chile. The range of Hebe Andersonii hybrids with variegated leaves has greatly increased in recent times. For instance, Hebe buchananii and H. pinguifolia are evergreen, hardy species that produce delicate, white flowers in spring. H. ochracea has striking, scale-like, olive green leaves, tinged with ochre. H. cupressoides ‘Boughton Dome’, also with scale-like leaves, forms a grey-green dome. These species grow very slowly and are ideal for permanent planting on balconies and terraces. Early planting raises the plant’s frost-hardiness. It tolerates dry conditions better than being waterlogged and benefits from regular feeding. It grows best in full sun and the broad-leaved varieties should be cut back after flowering. They are propagated from cuttings between spring and autumn.

14. August 2017 by admin
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