Scirpus : Greenhouse Plants

W – warm, minimum of 13°C (55°F)

Family: Cyperaceae

Scirpus cernus (Isolepis gracilis) is a native of Western Europe including Britain and of the Mediterranean. Bright green grass-like leaves grow upwards at first but then trail elegantly over the sides of the pot or basket. Although this plant naturally comes from moist boggy places it does not pay to keep it continuously wet in a pot. If given this treatment leaves will go yellow and the plant starts to die. Small flowers will appear from time to time and although not attractive in themselves they are effective en masse. After a while a clump will begin to look a little tired. At this point it is best, usually during spring or summer, to divide the clump into small pieces and pot them up separately, watering carefully until new leaves begin to grow. A good plant to try in a small hanging basket.

29. July 2013 by admin
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