Russian vine : Fallopia baldschuanica

Russian vine, a member of the polygonum or Polygonaceae family that is native to south-east Russia, is today one of the most popular climbers. It is also known as Bilderdykia baldschuanica and Polygonum baldschuanicum.

This deciduous climber has dark green, heart-shaped leaves and tiny, fragrant, funnel-shaped white flowers, flushed with pink, borne in drooping sprays in summer and autumn. The small fruits are triangular and pale pink. This undemanding twining climber is ideal for covering, facades, pergolas and walls.

If grown on balconies and terraces, it needs to be trimmed back several times a year in order to keep it in check. It is rampant and can grow 3-4 m (10-1 3 ft) a year. It is important to give it a strong support. It can easily be propagated from semi-ripe cuttings take in summer.

English: Polygonum baldschuanicum

English: Polygonum baldschuanicum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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