Rooting Hormone for Plant Cuttings

Rooting Hormone for Plant Cuttings

Chemical Aids for Cuttings

Plant cuttings generally root readily when taken at the correct time of year. If difficulty is encountered, various rooting hormone compounds are available which may hasten the formation of roots. These may be bought in the form of a dry powder which is dusted on to the base of the cutting, or as a gel or liquid into which the cutting is dipped. The rooting hormone powder types generally contain an additional fungicide which helps to limit rotting of the stem base, and may be available in different strengths — weaker for softwood and stronger for hardwood cuttings. There are also general-purpose rooting hormone compounds.

These rooting hormones are present in the plants themselves, but often in such minute quantities that natural rooting is very slow. Rooting hormone powders speed up the formation of callus tissues, the corky scar tissues that form at the base of a cutting and from where roots develop.

rooting hormone You can also buy small, transparent plastic tubs filled with a special rooting gel. Simply insert the cuttings directly into the gel — no soil or water is needed — and watch them take root. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the number of cuttings per tub and for aftercare.

Hardwood cuttings of evergreen trees and shrubs, especially conifers, may die because of rapid, excess water loss through the leaves. This can be averted by spraying the cuttings with an aerosol liquid plastic — known correctly as S-600, but often sold under a variety of trade names as a Christmas tree needle-drop protectant spray — which forms a transparent film on the leaves. It can be used also on softwood or semi-hardwood cuttings of both deciduous and evergreen plants, particularly those with large leaves, which are especially susceptible to wilting.

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