Rock Cress: Arabis procurrens

Arabis procurrens, a species of the Arabis genus that itself belongs to the family of the Cruciferae, occurs in the wild in the rocky regions of Europe, Asia and North-Africa. It is a mat-forming, evergreen herbaceous perennial with dense, flat rosettes of narrow, glossy green leaves with creamy-coloured edges and sometimes also variegated with pink. It produces loose spikes of white flowers in late spring. It should be cut back after flowering to ensure a compact, bushy growth. It thrives in rich, well-drained soil in a sunny position. It benefits from an application of a slow-release or organic fertiliser in spring. It is propagated from seed in autumn or softwood cuttings in summer. However, the quickest way to propagate rock cress is by division. Because it is such a vigorous grower it should be given sufficient space when combined with other plants.

13. May 2017 by admin
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