Varieties of Rhododendron, members of the Ericaceae family, grow everywhere in the world. Besides the evergreen hybrids with large flowers and the Yakushimanun varieties, the evergreen Japanese azaleas also make excellent container plants. All share a common feature in the beautiful, sometimes fragrant flowers that appear in spring.

They mostly prefer shade positions but the “Gibraltar” and Klondyke” varieties in the Knaphill group will also grow in the sun. They need well-drained, acid soil that should be kept moist at all times. It is recommended to use a special rhododendron compost, because excessive lime in the soil can lead to chlorosis. Rhododendrons will benefit from the application of a slow-release fertilizer.

Dead blooms should be removed with care. It is best to put the containers in a place where they are sheltered from cold winds. Tender species should over-winter in a cool greenhouse. Plants can be propagated from semi-ripe cuttings taken in late summer, but varieties and cultivars are usually grafted.

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