Recommended Floribundas


Frensham, 3 to 4 ft., crimson-scarlet, is the best variety. Exceptionally free-flowering, extra hardy and makes an attractive hedge.

Other worthwhile reds include Barbecue (2 to 3 ft.), Charlotte Wheatcroft (3 to 4 ft.), Elsinore (3 to 4 ft.), Evelyn Fison (3 to 4 ft.), Firecracker (2 to 3 ft.), Lilli Marlene (2 to 3 ft.) and Red Dandy (2 to 3 ft.).

The brighter scarlets include the orange-scarlet and vermilion shades, which present a bewildering choice. All are notable, particularly Allotria (2 to 3 ft.), Diamant (3 to 4 ft.), Dickson’s Flame (2 to 3 ft.), Korona (3 to 4 ft.),

Meteor (2 ft.), Orangeade (2 to 3 ft.) and Orange Sensation (2 to 3 ft.).

Sherry, 2 to 3 ft., is excellent for floral decoration, is brownish-red, like an Oloroso sherry, and does not spoil in heavy rain.


Chanelle (3 to 4 ft.), a delightful buff-pink.

Dearest (2 to 3 ft., fragrant), Queen Elizabeth (5 ft.), Silberlachs (3 to 4 ft.) and Vera Dalton (2 to 3 ft.) are especially commendable.


Anna Wheatcroft (2 to 1-1/2ft.), rosy-salmon and She (2 to 3 ft.), salmon-opal, are very popular for cutting.

Border Coral (2 to 3 ft., fragrant), Elysium (3 to 4 ft., fragrant), Flamenco (2 to 3 ft.), Polka (2 to 3 ft., fragrant), and Ulster Queen (3 to 4 ft.) are outstanding.

Paddy McGredy, 2-½ ft., bears numerous fragrant blooms shaped like miniature hybrid teas.


Unlike the older varieties, the newer yellows hold their colour reasonably well in strong sunlight. Recommended are Allgold (2 to 3 ft.), Gold Cup (2 to 3 ft.), Gold Marie (3 to 4 ft.), Golden Fleece (2 to 3 ft.), Honeymoon (3 to 4 ft.) and Yellow-hammer (2 to 2-½ ft., fragrant).


Dainty Maid, 4 to 5 ft., pale pink and carmine, although an old variety, should not be overlooked.

Sweet Repose, 2 to 3 ft., fragrant, a pleasing confection of pink and gold.

United Nations, 2 to 3 ft., a very beautiful blend of salmon-pink and light yellow. Tends to mildew on occasion.

Daily Sketch (3 to 4 ft., fragrant), plum-red and silver like a small-scale Perfecta; Faust (3 to 4 ft.) is yellow with pink flushes; Golden Slippers (2 to 2-½ ft.), a blend of orange and yellow; Summer Song (2 to 2-½ ft.), combines orange and lemon; Tambourine (3 to 4 ft.) is cherry-red and yellow; Zambra (2 to 3 ft.), a blend of orange and yellow, but with rather fewer petals than Golden Slippers.


Circus, 3 to 3-1/2 ft., similar to Masquerade but with more orange.

Masquerade, 3 to 4 ft., fragrant, the most famous ‘quick-change artist’ which starts golden-yellow and ends deep red, is a ‘must’.

Rumba, 1-½ to 2 ft., a mixture of yellow, orange and red, is magnificent for cutting. The old blooms persist for too long on the plant.

Shepherd’s Delight, 3 to 4 ft., blends of yellow and red, makes a gay and unusual hedge to about 4 ft. if spaced about 2 ft. apart and pruned lightly.


Iceberg, 3 to 4 ft., the best white, bearing quantities of dainty, long-lasting blooms.

Ivory Fashion, 2 to 3 ft., full, high-centred, ivory-white flowers balanced by dark green foliage.


Magenta, 3 to 4 ft., fragrant, a deep mauve self, is the finest of the near-blue shades. Withstands heavy downpours, and is a challenge to the floral artist.

Lilac Charm, 1-1/2 to 2 ft., single flowers, pastel mauve with golden anthers. There are also several varieties with the prefix Lavender, including Lavender Girl and Lavender Lassie, all worth a trial but too new for evaluation. Overture is a lilac-mauve self which is valuable for cutting. Heights differ according to variety.


The Walt Disney Compacta roses are in this group. They are named after the Seven Dwarfs — Bashful, Doc, etc. They bear their blooms in compact trusses, reminiscent of a dwarf phlox. All flourish on the driest soils and are markedly resistant to black spot disease.

Baby Masquerade, miniature edition of the famous red, pink and yellow Masquerade.

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