Propagating Orchids

Some upright, slender-stemmed orchids — such as vandas — eventually become too tall and floppy for the greenhouse and should be cut down and left to grow on.

മലയാളം: orchids are the largest and most diver...

മലയാളം: orchids are the largest and most diverse of flowering plants (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These orchids have aerial roots growing out of the stem. Every year the roots develop laterals, which begin to grow green points. When the laterals start to grow in the spring, the plant can be cut up and repotted.

The most common method of propagating orchids which grow from pseudobulbs is by division of the pseudobulbs, making sure each division contains three bulbs. Alternatively, separate and pot up the back-bulbs. These are the old pseudobulbs that have lost their leaves and are found behind the new leafy bulbs.

Remove back-bulbs in autumn, at the end of the resting period, or when an overlarge plant is being divided and repotted in summer.

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