Greenhouse Primulas are either biennial or perennial, but are all treated as biennials to ensure a stronger habit and finer flowers. Their height is from 9 to in. They are perfectly easy in culture, and make admirable pot plants for room decoration.

Some of the best for the amateur’s greenhouse are: Primula Sinensis, of which the giant varieties are very showy—”Giant Pink,” “Queen Alexander” (Giant White), “Giant Emperor” (terra cotta, cerise) “Giant Salmon,” and the giant hybrids. Other good varieties are: “True Blue,” “Red,” “Crimson King,” “Brooke’s White,” “Czar” (violet blue), “Double White” and “Double Pink.”

Primula stellata is another form of P. sinensis. This can also be obtained in Blue, Crimson, Salmon, Coral Pink, and White. These plants are rather taller, the flowers smaller and more numerous, and they require more heat and care. Seeds are sown in spring for winter, and July for spring blooms.

Sow in shaded pans, with light soil, and cover with moist moss to keep even moisture. Prick out into 3-in. pots when several leaves have been made. Use a compost of turfy loam, leaf-mould, and sand with a very little decayed manure and broken mortar rubble in it. Final pots should be 5-in. Soil should be turfy loam, leaf-mould and sand, enriched with old manure from last year’s cucumber bed, and a sprinkling of complete fertilizer. A sprinkling of mortar rubble should be crushed over the soil before mixing, good drainage and always rough leaf-mould over the crocks. Water at the side of pot.

Primula obconica is easier to grow as it requires less heat, but to some people the leaves are poisonous. The poison affects the skin wherever it has touched. Fortunately this is only a minority, and most people can handle them with safety. (An easy remedy for the trouble is to wash with turpentine or use zinc or boracic ointment.)

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