Polygala: Greenhouse Plants

FF – frost free only/C – cool, minimum of 7°C (45°F)

Family: Polygalaceae

The only greenhouse species cultivated is Polygala myrtifolia grandiflora from South Africa. This is grown for its evergreen foliage and bright rose-purple flowers which appear between May and October. It is a very attractive shrubby plant which is easy to grow providing the compost is never allowed to dry out, even during winter, when it certainly does not want to be waterlogged either. Good ventilation is required to keep it cool in summer. Should older plants begin to look straggly prune them back by two-thirds in February and take some heeled cuttings from ensuing growth, which rooted at 15°C (60°F) and pinched back carefully as they grow to encourage a good shape, will eventually replace the old plant.

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