Phlox Douglasii ‘Rose Cushion’

This Phlox is ideal for mixed plantings in small containers. The species has a tufted and mounded habit with blue-green, sharply-pointed, slender leaves which retain their colour all year round, P. d. ‘Rose Cushion’ bearing vibrant pink flowers on short stems. Used with the early-flowering Aubretia and tiny Summer-flowering Dianthus, this plant can be part of a pageant of year-round colour.

This plant is fully frost-hardy and withstands very low temperatures. In Summer, the container should be placed in a well-ventilated position to counteract any effect that sunshine may have.

Grow in full sun, but away from any Easterly aspect: the effect of the early morning sun on any frozen flower buds may be detrimental.

Water well during hot Summers, watering again once the compost surface has dried out. Keep excessive amounts of water off the foliage. In cold weather, keep this plant on the dry side: this species tolerates periods of drought.

This tough Phlox has no need of any additional humidity.

Phlox grown in the same container for more than two years should be top-dressed with a slow-release fertilizer after flowering. Recently-planted stock in loam-based compost needs no additional feed during the first year.

Grow in a free-draining, loam-based compost and tuck extra horticultural grit around and under the neck and foliage. Repot and divide old plants every 3-4 years. Some composts will benefit from the addition of up to a quarter by volume of horticultural grit.

Freshen plants after flowering by trimming off the spent blooms and any tired-looking foliage; use garden shears for large clumps.


Dank conditions are disastrous: keep this plant dry around the neck, which is where any fungal infections may take hold. –

Downy Mildew may develop during periods of humid weather: treat with a suitable fungicide.

Slugs may attack in humid weather: use a proprietary slug bait, or place upturned grapefruit skins among the plants. Collect and dispose of the slugs each morning.

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