The genus Phlox belongs to the Polemoniaceae family and includes over 60 species of annuals and hardy perennials.

These species, which are mostly native to North Africa, are very popular because of the colourful, fragrant flowers produced in profusion. They add a colourful note to balconies and terraces, the taller forms such as the Phlox paniculata hybrids looking particularly good in containers while the low-growing, cushion-forming species such as P. douglasii are more suitable for window boxes.

The tall-growing varieties need a lot of water during the growing season while the low-growing types will tolerate drier conditions but they all need plenty of sun. Phloxes will flower for weeks if a few flowering stems are cut back after the first flowering and the plant has been fed generously in spring. Both species should be protected from frost with brushwood or peat. Varieties can be propagated from cuttings taken in summer.

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