Philodendron: Greenhouse Plants

T – tropical, minimum of 18°C (65°F)

Family: Araceae

Tropical America

Although able to struggle along under warm conditions these foliage plants are much better in a stove house. Some of them are huge in which case probably only one stately specimen would be enough for most greenhouses. Smaller ones include Philodendron scandens the popular Sweet Heart Plant so called because of its heart-shaped leaves. This will either climb or grow in a hanging basket. P. erubescens with its shiny dark green leaves with copper undersides remains a reasonable size. P. verrucosum with its paler mossy green leaves and bristly green leaf stalks is also of moderate size. P. ‘Burgundy’, which has reddish young leaves and pinky-purple stems and undersides, will be a large climber very quickly. P. bipinnatifidum does not climb at first but becomes a huge plant with massive indented leaves. P. selloum is very similar but its leaves have far fewer, less extreme incisions. P. wendlandii does not climb but does form a thick stalk; it too will become a very grand plant. Seed is available, especially of P. scandens, P. selloum and P. bipinnatifidum. Contrary to what you might think large specimens 60-90 cm (2—3ft) tall can be had within two or three years. Only just cover seed and germinate at 24—26°C (75-80°F). Cuttings are easy to take of types which grow reasonable stems. Cut stem sections with two leaves, cutting above the top one and below the bottom one which should then be cut off. Root at 24-26°C (75-80°F).

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