Pests That Can Affect Chrysanthemums

Pests are not a great worry, but during the summer chrysanthemums may be attacked by greenfly and other sucking insects. As prevention is better than cure, spray every fortnight whether these pests can be seen or not. Use a mixture of D.D.T. And B.H.C. (Sybol or Lindex), or the newer malathion. Liquid sprays are better than applications of powder. Pay particular attention to the growing points, for it is here that pests congregate and where the greatest injury can be inflicted.

Slugs can be a nuisance if the weather turns wet for they often climb to the softer parts of the plants. Baiting them is the remedy.

Earwigs can do untold damage. To keep them from eating the florets, smear a small ring of Vaseline round each stem a few inches below the developing bud.

Normally chrysanthemums can be grown on the same site year after year, provided the fertility of the soil is kept up. But if the plants suffer a rapid loss of foliage from the base upward, this is probably due to eelworm. To prevent this pest from being perpetuated on the site, burn the plants and plant new stock in another part of the garden.

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