Pests & Diseases Affecting Globe Artichokes

Globe artichokes are for the most part trouble-free, and you are unlikely to meet with most of the problems mentioned below. Even then, you will find that none of the pests are serious, and are more likely to be inconvenient than damaging.

Petal blight: this is probably the nearest thing to a serious problem liable to affect globe artichokes. It is a fungal infection which attacks a wide range of plants, particularly chrysanthemums and dahlias in the flower garden. Cold, wet weather encourages the rapid spread of petal blight through the garden; otherwise, it tends to be localized.

On globe artichokes, tiny, circular, pale brown spots appear on the bracts and petals, and these enlarge and become darker brown. The discoloured areas and even the whole bud may eventually rot. Because the spores of petal blight overwinter on various weeds, the best precaution is to ensure that your garden is weed free, as far as possible. If the summer seems likely to be a cold, wet one, spray the plants with zineb when the flower buds first start to form and repeat again seven to ten days later.

Root rot: if globe artichokes are grown in waterlogged soil, then the roots.

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