The amateur is possibly troubled more by pests and diseases in the vegetable section than in any other part of the garden. Every gardener would, however, do well to keep in mind that clean cultivation, deep digging, adequate manuring, and regular doses of lime will do more than anything else to keep the vegetable garden free from both diseases and pests.

A plant that is attacked by disease can often “grow away from it,” if it is in congenial soil and well treated. Constant vigilance is the secret of success, however, and unless the amateur is quite certain, when he sees a disease or pest on any of his plants, that he can deal with it quickly, the best plan he can adopt is to putt up the plant immediately and burn it. If occasional diseased specimens are treated in this way, disease will probably be very quickly stamped out.

The chief things to be done to fight pests and diseases are: (1) Use plenty of lime in all parts of the vegetable garden. (2) Use soil fumigant whenever soil is being trenched in winter. (3) Keep a stock of a good fungicide and a good insecticide handy. In a little garden it is often preferable to keep one of the commercial preparations in store. A good home-made fungicide is permanganate of potash crystals, which are used in water at just sufficient strength to make it a pale rose colour. This is a safe soil drench, or spray, for use almost anywhere in the garden or greenhouse.

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