Pests and Diseases Affecting Chicory

Slugs: Chicory is singularly free from pests and diseases, and slugs are the only problem you are likely to encounter. These will attack chicory both above and below ground, feeding chiefly after dark. During the day they hide away in leaf litter, piles of debris, or anywhere where it is dark and moist. They are particularly prevalent on heavy, sour soils, or alkaline soils which are rich in humus and moisture.

The main signs of slug infestation are irregular holes in the leaves and roots, and faint, silvery slime trails nearby. Any poison put out for slugs must be repeated on several consecutive nights to be fully successful. Use baits based on methiocarb or metaldehyde, according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Alternatively, trap the slugs in bits of decaying vegetable matter or wet sacks placed along the rows of chicory. Inspect the trails daily and remove and destroy all captured slugs.

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