Pandanus: Greenhouse Plants

T – tropical, minimum of 18°C (65°F)

Family: Pandanaceae

Pandanus veitchii from Polynesia is the Screw Pine or Pandan. It is a good foliage plant while it remains small but, even when restricted to a small pot, these plants can grow into monsters. Pushing past a Pandanus is no joke as the 90-cm (3-ft) long white and yellow striped leaves have a lethally sharp toothed edge. They also have the habit of producing low aerial prop roots which tend to force plants out of their pots, making repotting necessary and difficult every two to three years. Fortunately, there is P. v. ‘Compacta’ with smaller leaves up to 60 cm (2 ft) long.

Propagation can be by seed, suckers or offsets that are produced around large plants. To handle plants at potting and offset detaching time it is best to wrap the leaves in newspaper or hessian. They really do need tropical conditions to grow well and are almost too easy to grow. Not a plant for a small greenhouse but a very majestic specimen for a large tropical display house.

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