Orange Sedum/Sedum nussbaumerianum

This bushy succulent is easy to grow and produces its clusters of small white flowers from the tips of the stems around May. The rosettes of pointed oval leaves are delicately marked and if placed in a bright situation or full sun will turn a beautiful orange-brown rusty colour. Like many members of the Crassula family, these plants will grow through our Winter and, therefore, they should be given the maximum available light in Winter.

Like all bushy plants, the Orange Sedum can become too large and untidy and should be pruned back to shape from time to time. The pieces removed are ideal as cuttings to turn into new plants. An effective way to grow this plant is in a hanging basket. The Orange Sedum is quite tolerant of temperatures down to 5°C (40°F) if kept fairly dry. Like most plants, it will benefit from good ventilation, but not draughts.

This plant requires a bright situation at all times and will grow well in a South-facing window.

Water the Orange Sedum well during the Summer and allow the compost to dry before watering again. During the Autumn and Winter, keep the plant fairly dry, giving only enough water to prevent shrivelling. Sedum nussbaumerianum will soon rot if kept wet at low temperatures.

This succulent is a native of arid areas and will benefit if provided with a dry atmosphere.

Feed the Orange Sedum regularly every 1-2 weeks during the Spring

Summer, using a cactus food or one recommended for tomatoes diluted at about half strength.

Succulents will do best in a well-drained compost containing about one third grit. Repot at least every two years.

Prunings make excellent cuttings and can be used to provide new plants.

Shorten any untidy bits that have been removed to about 5cm (2in) and remove any leaves attached to the lower stems. Three-quarters fill a small pot with compost and top up with a layer of grit. After the cuttings have been allowed to dry for 24 hours, push them into the surface of the pot and then place the pot in a warm place. If you keep the compost slightly damp, the cuttings should produce roots in 3-4 weeks.

Plant 3-5 of the rooted cuttings together in a single pot for an ‘instant’ plant.

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