Narrow-leaved bellflower: Campanula persicifolia

This species is another member of the large Campanula genus that belongs to the Campanulaceae family, native to southern and eastern Europe and the temperate zones of Asia. It grows 80 cm (32 in) high and forms dense rosettes with very narrow leaves 7 cm (3 in) long. The large blue or white cup-shaped flowers that appear in early to mid-summer, grouped in loose spikes, are borne on long, leafless stems. C. persicifolia spreads through rhizomes and therefore best grown in separate container as this will prevent it from spreading excessively. It needs plenty of sun and grows best in loamy, humus-rich soil. It combines very well with astilbes and clay lilies and they are very long-lasting. ‘Grandiflora Alba’ with white flowers and ‘Grandiflora Caerulea’ with brilliant blue flowers are among the most beautiful varieties. It can be sown directly in the pots in spring or divided after flowering.

21. September 2017 by admin
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