Nagami Kumquat/Fortunella Margarita

This pretty evergreen shrub is an excellent plant for tub culture and is ideal for use in a cool room or conservatory; in mild regions, the Nagami Kumquat can be moved outside for the Summer. This plant is almost thornless and bears orange-yellow, aromatic, oval, edible fruits after small, fragrant, white blossoms; it is one of the most attractive Citrus for the home, having rich, dark, glossy green foliage, which sets off both fruits and flowers very well.

Most ornamental Kumquats are grown as grafted plants; for this reason, it is important to remove any shoots which appear below the graft union. The grafting procedure keeps plant growth in check, restricting the Nagami Kumquat to a manageable 1m (3ft), rather than the possible 4.5m (15ft).

In frost-free climates, plants may be moved outdoors in Summer. Provide a minimum Winter temperature of 5-10°C (41-50°F), with a maximum of 20°C (68°F) during the day.

A good display of flowers will be assured if this plant is grown in full sun, but ensure that the midday sun in Summer is not too hot.

Keep the compost moist at all times during the growing season; never allow roots to become dry. In Winter, reduce watering.

This plant prefers high humidity, which is essential for good fruit. Mist every day in Spring and Summer, keeping the leaves out of any sunlight, otherwise leaf scorch may result.

Feed the Nagami Kumquat every month during – the growing season. Use a general-purpose plant food containing a balanced amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Repot small plants each Spring, using a free-draining, loam-based compost; larger, established plants should be top-dressed.

In late Spring, thin and remove any excess foliage and dead shoots.

For extra bushiness, pinch out new growth at any time.


Over-watering kills: balance the amount given with the temperature.

Mealy Bug and Scale can be cleared by using a cotton bud soaked in methylated spirit.

Whitefly should be treated using a product containing the active ingredient Permethrin.

Red Spider Mite attacks most Citrus: burn badly-infested plants.

Pollination: Use a soft brush to transfer pollen from flower to flower to ensure fruit formation.

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