Miltonia Orchids and How to Care for Them

Miltonia Orchids


Miltonia can be roughly divided into two groups. One group, which originates mainly from Brazil, can stand more warmth and is, therefore, more suited to indoor care. These are the species of the actual genus Miltonia. The other group comprises orchids which thrive in the misty forests of the Andes and require cool, moist air all year round. These are the “pansy orchids” which are now assigned to their own genus Miltoniopsis. The genus Miltonia includes approximately 15 species, inclusive of the Miltoniopsis species.

These plants live as epiphytes and usually possess light green, flattened pseudo-bulbs with two or three narrow leaves, or only one leaf in the case of Miltoniopsis. The flowers always form at the base of the youngest pseudo-bulbs.


Miltonia Orchids and How to Care For Them Origin:

South America.

Temperature range:

temperate or cool, depending on the species.

Flowering time:

summer/autumn and all year round.

Colour of the flowers:

multi-coloured, often white with red or pink, orange with dark brown.


bright all year round but not sunny. Will also tolerate semi-shade.


during the summer not above 25°C/77°F; during the winter around 20°C/68°F and 15-18°C/59-64°F at night.


keep evenly moist; water sparingly during the winter. Ensure high humidity.


during the spring and summer every three weeks in very low doses.


if at all, in the autumn or spring.


See Essential Orchid Information – Repotting Orchids


from division of the bulbs while repotting (See Propagating Orchids)

Pests, diseases:

due mainly to mistakes in care. A slight red discoloration of leaves may indicate a position that is too bright.

My tip:

Miltonia are not entirely easy to look after. The roots may get burned by salts from fertilizers or may decay if too much water is given. Although they require high humidity, you will still have to be careful not to overdo things when misting.


Miltonia species for the temperate climate


M. clowesii, M. flavescens, M. spectabilis


Miltonia hybrids


“Anneliese Weber”, “Celle”, “Fritz Wichmann”, “Gascogne x Hamburg”, “Goodale Moir Golden Wonder”, “Hambühren”, “Koala”, “Pink Frill”, “Rouge California Plum”


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